CCC Discipleship Pathway

We are all broken relationally. This is one of the harsh consequences of a fallen world and fallen people. Defensiveness, low self-awareness, blaming, fear, and self-absorption, for example, characterize our relationships. The great news of the gospel, however, is that Jesus came to save us from our sins and wounds and transform us, particularly in the way we love others. In other words, He shows us how to become people who are approachable, non-reactive, keenly self-aware, courageous, honest, and whole.

Throughout the year, CCC offers the EHS (Emotionally Healthy Spirituality) course and the EHR (Emotionally Healthy Relationships) course as a discipleship pathway. These courses do not need to be taken in succession as they each stand on their own.  Each course is specifically designed to help you find the joy of loving God and others. (which is what we are all about here) CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR THE COURSES

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